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Paying For It Hardcover

Chester Brown
Chester Brown

A contemporary defense of the world’s oldest profession

Chester Brown has never shied away from tackling controversial subjects in his work and Paying For It is certainly no exception. Brown calmly lays out the facts of how he became not only a willing participant in but a vocal proponent of one of the world’s most hot-button topics—prostitution. While this may appear overly sensational and just plain implausible to some, Brown’s story stands for itself.


Paying For It offers an entirely contemporary exploration of sex work—from the timid john who rides his bike to his escorts, wonders how to tip so as not to offend, and reads Dan Savage for advice, to the modern-daytransactions complete with online reviews, seemingly willing participants, and clean apartments devoid of clichéd street corners, drugs, or pimps.


Paying for It is a natural progression for Brown as it combines the personal and sexual aspects of his autobiographical work with the polemical drive of Louis Riel. Complete with a surprise ending, Paying For It provides endless debate and conversation about sex work and will be the most talked-about graphic novel of 2011.


Drawn & Quarterly, hardback, 288 pages, published May 2011




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