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Paul Jenkins' Sidekick Volume 1

This is the story of the not-so-glamorous life of Eddie Edison - also known as Superior Boy! "Cool", you say! Well, not really. Eddie works two jobs: delivering pizza to pay the bills and being a sidekick to the most powerful superhero on earth - to pay the bills. What's a guy to do? Discover the answer to this burning question, and get a healthy dose of evil villains, busty women, sex-fiends and more F-bombs than you can shake a stick at! Brilliant! Written by Paul Jenkins, with artwork and cover by Chris Moreno


"Sidekick might just be the best thing young Jenkins has written. Stop fannying about and buy it. “- Mark Millar.


"Sidekick proves what anyone who knows Paul Jenkins even slightly has known for years, that he's a sick bastard who'd rather make you laugh at superheroes than worship them." - Ed Brubaker.


Image, paperback, 128 pages, published June 2007


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