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Paul Goes Fishing Hardcover

This fourth instalment in Michel Rabagliati's semi-autobiographical series finds Paul settling comfortably into adult life, occasional twinges of anxiety aside. His graphic design business has taken off, his partner Lucie is pregnant, it's mid-July and time to leave behind the city to go fishing. Long lazy days stretch out while Paul's thoughts wander from the colourful characters at the fish-and-game camp to the lurking depths of childhood, a Holden Caulfield-esque adolescence, and the encounters that have shaped his sense of family thus far. But the golden glow soon lifts off his vacation, with the realization that the lake isn't as idyllic as it would seem, and neither is pregnancy.

Elegant composition and spare, condensed drawing crystallize emotion and atmosphere in this wistful and engaging account of everyday hopes and hardships, told with a keen and playful sense of iconic detail. Even the mundane holds beauty and meaning in this compassionate story of expectation, disappointment and wonder.

Readers will be delighted to find out more about Paul and his friends and family. The slice-of-life stories are easy to swallow and a breath of fresh air in an over-saturated and unscrupulous world. Michel Rabagliati’s Paul character is the perfect entry for new readers to the graphic novels medium.

"His stories are personally revealing but gentle, full of kind people with common problems... Rabagliati employs a light, curvy drawing style and episodic plotting that overtly recalls Hergé's Tintin adventures, or Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian's Monsieur Jean stories," The Onion.

Drawn & Quarterly, hardback, 208 pages, published March 2008


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