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Path of the Assassin Volume 9: Battle for Power

Kazuo Koike
Goseki Kojima

The world of samurai and ninja is not just killing, politics, intrigue, and action. It’s also about family, spirit, love, and sex. If there were ever an issue of Path of the Assassin that could be entitled “the sex issue,” this would probably be it. Not just the act of sex, but the feelings, doubts, methods, results, and politics of sex.


The results can mean a son or daughter fated to the politics of advantage and danger. The doubts can lead to an unfocused mind. The methods can be a result of doubt, but can be their own distraction as well. The feelings can be good, bad, and ugly. And all of these elements amount to the politics of sex.


However, if you fear that all this talk of sex means this volume of Path of the Assassin lacks the expected swordplay, gushing blood, and drama you’ve come to love, well please don’t worry. Rather the sexplay only provides a framework for those standards, making for an oddly exciting volume of our samurai/ninja tale of conquest.

Dark Horse, paperback, 304 pages, published October 2007




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