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Oz : Dorothy & The Wizard In Oz

Eric Shanower
Skottie Young

Once upon a time, a tornado brought her to Oz. Now, an earthquake sends Dorothy on her latest and greatest adventure! L. Frank Baum’s magical worlds come to life again as Dorothy Gale takes yet another unexpected trip. This time, Dorothy and her cousin Zeb tumble deep into the ground after an earthquake! They’ll encounter the strange Mangaboos and invisible bears. They’ll tussle with fierce wooden gargoyles and hungry 66-year-old baby dragons!

But Dorothy will have an old friend at her side: the wonderful Wizard of Oz! Can the Wizard’s guile save Dorothy and Zeb? And what master plan has the Wizard been hiding? Collecting Dorothy & The Wizard In Oz issues #1 to 8, written by Eric Shanower, pencilled and with cover artwork by Skottie Young.

Marvel, paperback, 184 pages, published January 2013


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