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Overspray : Riding High Hardcover

Norman Hathaway

Overspray is the conclusive account of an exuberant form of art in the 1970s and the culture that made if famous: Airbrushing. Inspired equally by surf graphics and psychedelia, a generation of young artists embraced the optimism of the L.A. scene and combined it with the slick, manicured surfaces of Hollywood. Suddenly every record cover looked shiny, every pair of lips was high gloss, every palm tree glistened, and clothes were as loud as the sun. The world was awash in perfectly smooth, vibrantly colored forms.


Fueled by a combination of intense demand, ample stimulants, and brutal competition, the airbrush scene flourish in L.A., and its center were four artists: Charles E. White III, Peter Palombi, Dave WIllardson, and Peter Lloyd. These four artists embarked on careers that encompassed work for Playboy and Levi’s, bands such as The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart, and films such as American Graffiti and Tron.


Picturebox, hardback, 208 pages, published November 2008


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