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Outlaw : the Legend of Robin Hood

Tony Lee
Sam Hart

How did Robin of Loxley become Robin Hood? Why did he choose to fight injustice instead of robbing for his own gain? Expressive and gritty, this graphic novel whisks readers back to Crusades-era England, where the Sheriff of Nottingham rules with an iron fist, and in the haunted heart of Sherwood Forest, a defiant rogue - with the help of his men and the lovely Maid Marian - disguises himself to become an outlaw. Lively language and illustrations follow the legendary hero as he champions the poor and provokes a high-stakes vendetta in a gripping adventure sure to draw a new generation of readers. Fast-paced graphic storytelling and stunning full-colour illustrations combine in an action-packed retelling of the heroic Robin Hood story.


Candlewick Press, paperback, 160 pages, published August 2009


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