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The Opportunity

Will Volley
Will Volley
It's winter in Hastings when we meet young Colin, a highly ambitious door-to-door salesman on the verge of making it big time as the owner of his own sales office. And the future is looking good. But when the terms of his promotion change without warning, Colin and his team find themselves with just five days to achieve a new sales target — and to prevent his rival, Paul, from being promoted in his stead as regional manager. 
Mentally and physically exhausted, Colin has to keep his disgruntled team from 'negging out', train a new recruit from scratch, hatch a scheme to eliminate Paul, and all the while keep a safe distance from a gang of ruthless debt collectors that are out on the streets looking for him. As Colin's grasp on reality dissolves in the rain that lashes Hastings' residential estates, we see how the relentless focus on positive thinking — in the face of exploitative management, pay and conditions — leads to delusion, vulnerability, failure, and, finally, human tragedy. 
Myriad, paperback, 144 pages, published March 2016 



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