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Not So Bad Volume 2

E. Hae
E. Hae

Eun hee is not the person he once was. The handsome and popular actor is slowly losing his fastidiousness and his ability to care for himself. Constantly overworked and ignoring the need for sleep, his body is slipping off the edge. Aspirin has become a constant companion, and water and vitamin supplements have become his closest friends. Gain is not doing much better. Sleep continues to elude him and he is perennially shadowed by a stalker who keeps on pestering him for a relationship he can't give.


Apart, these two men seem to be floundering, floating aimlessly in a meaningless world. When Eun hee breaks down from a dangerous combination of malnutrition, insomnia and anaemia before a trip overseas, he decides to take a break. Fate intervenes and through a seemingly random coincidence, Gain and Eun hee are brought together again. They've found happiness, but for how long?


Eun hee admits to feeling like Gain can leave at any moment and when Gain walks in on Eun hee kissing a young woman, it seems that destiny is ready to tear them apart. Can a drifter and a loner really live together? Have they truly found a way to not let go? Find out in Not So Bad Volume 2.


Netcomics, paperback, 216 pages, published November 2006


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