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Nightwing Volume 1 : Traps and Trapezes

Kyle Higgins
Eddy Barrows

Haly’s Circus, where Dick Grayson once performed, returns to Gotham City – bringing with it murder, mystery and superhuman evil. To uncover more clues to why a mysterious assassin is targeting him, Nightwing joins the circus’s tour. But as Dick becomes reacquainted with the big top he once called home, he learns there are darker secrets to be discovered. Collects Nightwing issues #1 to 7, written by Kyle Higgins, with at by Eddy Barrows, Trevor McCarthy, J.P. Mayer, Paulo Siqueira, Eduardo Pansica, Eber Ferreira and Geraldo Borges, featuring cover artwork by Eddy Barrows.

DC, paperback, 160 pages, published October 2012

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