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Niger #1

Leila Marzocchi
Leila Marzocchi

A fascinating ecological fable done in woodcuts, Niger follows the life of a strange new being named “Pupa” born in the depth of a lake. Wandering about the surface among other creatures, she takes refuge in a glass and falls asleep. Some birds, curious for the event, organize themselves to protect this small, weak, creature to allow her to grow up.

They call the “Fatmah hand” to ask her to pronounce a Fatwa, intended to discourage the other animals in the wood from threatening the small creature. A superb and thoughtful addition to the “Ignatz” series, which offers a chance for readers to explore new artists and material at a low price. And I know we shouldn't judge books by their covers, but what a striking cover!

Fantagraphics Ignatz series, saddle-stitched comic format, 32 pages,

 Published August 2006


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