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Nexus Archives Volume 4 Hardcover

Mike Baron
Steve Rude

Every once in a while a creation appears that both reinvents and epitomizes its genre. 1981 marked the beginning of such an event with the first issue of Nexus, a playful adventure series that paid homage to the best of classic science fiction while introducing an unforgettable antihero. Countless readers around the world followed his action-packed exploits over the next two decades, visiting alien realms and fascinating creatures through the wit and verve of his youthful creators.


Dark Horse invites you to relive the series that defined the careers of both Steve Rude and Mike Baron, collected in a hardcover format for the first time. In this volume, Sundra discovers the source of Nexus' powers and the cause of his headaches, the Merk is revealed! Space pirates pillage Ylum's orbital community, and the Sovs declare war, but Nexus is without his powers . . . so the Heads create the most devastating weapon in the galaxy.


Dark Horse, hardback, 216 pages, published August 2006 


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