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New X-Men by Grant Morrison Book 1

Grant Morrison
H. G. Peter

Sixteen million mutants dead…and that’s just the first step in Cassandra Nova’s genocidal plans. With an army of evolved Sentinels primed for annihilation, Nova will stop at nothing to see every mutant exterminated from the planet.

Led by Professor Xavier, the X-Men have always sought an end to the ongoing strife between mutants and humans — hoping to one day unite the two species in peaceful coexistence. But the time for dreams is past. Now, their entire existence is under direct attack. Now, it is time for the X-Men to fight.

Collecting New X-Men issues #114 to 117 and Annual 2001, written by Grant Morrison, pencilled by Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver and Leinil Francis Yu; features cover artwork by Frank Quitely.

Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published May 2011


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