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New Warriors Classic Volume 2


Revisit the beginning of an era as the finest of the nineties get a crash course in Mutant Mayhem! The insidious Gideon is playing with people's lives, and his latest pawn is one multi-powered tormented boy with the potential to resurrect another: Proteus! When X-Men and X-Force investigate, the New Warriors are also drawn in — proving it's not only mutants who have a stake in Gideon's game!

Plus: Night Thrasher's costumed career is driven by vengeance, but an encounter with the Punisher and Bengal (later of Initiative) leaves him wondering who's earned the most vengeance, and who'll have to die before they can collect. With origins of the founding Warriors! Also featuring Emma Frost and the Hellions!

Collecting New Warriors (1990) #7 to 10, New Warriors Annual #1; New Mutants Annual #7; Uncanny X-Men Annual #15 and X-Factor Annual #6, written by Fabian Nicieza, Eric Fein, Gary Barnum and Dan Slott, pencilled by Mark Bagley (who also provides the cover art), Guang Yap, Tom Raney, Terry Shoemaker, Tom Morgan and John Calimee.

Marvel, paperback, 256 pages, published April 2010


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