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New Tales of old Palomar #2

Gilbert Hernandez returns to that funky little Central American hamlet of his with another story set in the "Sopa de Gran Pena" days starring "The Children of Palomar" — in this case the obnoxious and picked-on Gato (whom LR fans will remember as Pipo's husband-to-be), Soledad, Guero, Pintor, and Arturo. The quintet of troublemakers' explorations across a bottomless chasm results in two of the kids coming face to face with... well, we won't spoil the surprise.


But Sheriff Chelo is on the case and saves the day! With the very earliest Palomar stories recently released in a redesigned and affordable format in the Heartbreak Soup volume, interest in these new stories of Palomar should remain high, and the super-swanky Ignatz format provides Beto with a perfect canvas.


Fantagraphics Ignatz series, 32 pages, saddle-stitched comic book format with jackets, published May 2007


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