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New Mutants Epic Collection : Curse of the Valkyries

Louise Simonson
Jon Bogdanove
From the horror of Limbo to the glory of Asgard! As the fires of Inferno burn, the New Mutants must escape Magik’s dark domain — but that leaves the way open for S’ym and his demons to invade Earth! Luckily, X-Factor’s former wards, the X-Terminators, are on the scene! Can Rusty, Skids, Boom-Boom, Rictor, Artie, Leech and Wiz Kid help the New Mutants repel an army of demons and save Magik’s soul? 
Then, when Hela’s evil spell corrupts Mirage’s Valkyrie side, Doctor Strange lends a magical hand! But to cure Mirage completely, the New Mutants must travel to Asgard, home of the mighty Norse gods! The trouble is, Hela is scheming to murder Odin and conquer Asgard! Will a handful of mortal mutants be enough to defeat the Goddess of Death? Collecting X-Terminators #1-4 and New Mutants (1983) #71-85, written by Louise Simonson and Chris Claremont, with art by Jon Bogdanove & Various, and cover artwork by Rich Buckler.
Marvel, paperback, 496 pages, published February 2018 






New Mutants


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