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New Avengers Volume 7 : the Trust

Leinil Yu

Who do you trust? In the wake of the superhero Civil War, outlaw Avengers Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Dr. Strange and Iron Fist are still fighting the good fight, joined by two new recruits: mistress of mimicry Echo and long-lost Avengers mainstay Hawkeye, now Ronin. But when the heroes uncover evidence of a secret invasion by shape-shifting Skrulls, paranoia starts to tear the team apart.

Who can they trust when any one of them might be an alien monster in disguise? Which Avenger betrays the group? And can the embattled rebel Avengers survive when new supernatural crime boss the Hood targets them with an army of super-villains? Find out in this prelude to Marvel's Secret Invasion saga - guest-starring Deathlok, Tigra and the Mighty Avengers! Collecting New Avengers issues #32 to 37 and New Avengers Annual #2, written by Brian Michael Bendis, with pencils by Leinil Yu (who also provides the cover art) and Carlo Pagulayan.

Marvel, paperback, 184 pages, published June 2008


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