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New Avengers Volume 2 Hardcover Cover B

Shedding light on the New Avengers' darkest secrets! This deluxe hardcover collects New Avengers Volume 3: Secrets & Lies and New Avengers Volume 4: the Collective - plus New Avengers Annual #1, never before reprinted in a New Avengers collection.

In Secrets & Lies, it's the debut of the mysterious New Avenger everyone has been talking about! Who is Ronin, and why has Captain America recruited him into the fold? Then, Cap catches Spider-Woman double-dealing the New Avengers and corners her! How did she get her powers back and to whom does she answer?

In the Collective, a new adversary with the power to destroy the world emerges from the ashes of House of M! The New Avengers' latest gauntlet subjects them to attack and intrigue as they discover who their most powerful enemy really is!

And in New Avengers Annual #1, Avengers Tower becomes the ultimate battleground as the New Avengers are targeted by one of their fiercest new enemies yet. The all-new Adaptoid has come to take them down - and wait till you see who it is. Plus: an avenger gets married!

Collecting New Avengers issues #11 to 20 and Annual #1, and the lead story from Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, with pencils from David Finch, Frank Cho, Rick Mays, Steve McNiven, Mike Deodato and Olivier Coipel.

Marvel, hardback, 296 pages, published March 2008



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