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New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis Volume 4

Will Conrad

AvX tie-in! Captain America has called the New Avengers to war against the X-Men, and Luke Cage will be forced to make a big decision: stand with his wife and child? Or suit up alongside the Avengers? Then, Iron Fist discovers the shocking secret history of the Phoenix in K'un-Lun's Book of the Iron Fist! Hope Summers journeys to Iron Fist's magical home to uncover her destiny. But will she conquer her future — or be consumed by it?


Plus: The X-Men take three of the Avengers' mightiest captive, but no jail can hold them for long. Or can it? And with the Avengers/X-Men war raging at a fevered pitch, Captain America calls out the big guns against the X-Men and the Phoenix Five: Can the Illuminati succeed where the Avengers failed? Collecting NEW AVENGERS (2010) issues #24-30, written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, pencilled by WILL CONRAD and MIKE DEODATO JR., featuring cover artwork by RON GARNEY.


Marvel, paperback, 160 pages, published May 2013


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