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Neill Cameron’s Absolute Dumbass

Neill Cameron
Neill Cameron

Absolute Dumbass is a collection of Neill Cameron's award-winning*, internationally renowned** self-published title, 'dumbass comics'.


Featuring the adventures of work-shy, foul-mouthed Binmen of the Future Jobo Hairyfoot and Alf Garibaldi, absolute dumbass is an all-action comedic extravaganza, starring a full cast of ninja nuns, demented cyborg breakdancers, sex-crazed pandas and paranoid ex-CIA tramps.


Clocking in at a mammoth 88 pages and wrapped up in a brand new glossy colour cover, absolute dumbass is, quite frankly, an absolute bargain at the price. It is hilarious, and has nice pictures. You want to buy it. You want to buy it NOW.


* 3rd place, UK Web & Mini Comix Awards, 2004

** My cousin Craig in Australia really likes it. At least, I think he likes it. He said it was "sick". I can only assume this is a good thing.


"Very funny and highly recommended" - Comics International

"A super-cool artist with a nice line in Clerks / Pulp fiction - style dialogue" – Borderline


Neill Cameron, 88 pages


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