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Narration of Love at 17 Volume 2

Kyungok Kang
Kyungok Kang

In Volume 2 of Narration of Love at 17, Seyoung lands a minor part in a TV drama where her archrival Hyemi stars in the leading role. One evening, she finds herself at the door of Hyunwoo's house for no apparent reason, only to discover him returning home with Hyemi. Seyoung overhears their conversation and discovers that Hyemi has feelings for Hyunwoo and that he has had feelings for Seyoung, too, but chose to give up on them because he considered her to be his family.


No matter how much she despairs over her feelings for him, the aloof Hyunwoo has no idea of what is amiss and can't seem to understand why Seyoung always bursts into anger whenever they talk. Meanwhile, the captain of the drama club, Yunho, harbours secret feelings for Seyoung, though it is only a matter of time before they bubble to the surface. Narration of Love at 17 vividly recounts the sensitivities of a pubescent girl who is as impressionable as she is reactive-- and who is ever true to the shifting affectability of youth.


Netcomics, paperback, 176 pages, published November 2006


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