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My Neighbor Seki Volume 10

My Neighbor Seki is a high school comedy manga in the vein of Yotsuba and Azumanga Daioh. These comics tend to do well through a wide range of manga reading demographics and are often heavily considered for programs like the Scholastic Book Club. My Neighbor Seki is a collection of short stories that revolve around two classmates who sit at the back of their high school homeroom. In each chapter Seki devises a new way to kill time in his school desk, to best avoid boredom. And along the way, he ends up distracting the girl who sits next to him Rumi, whose mind goes wild as Seki pushes the limits of his disobediance. 
Vertical Inc, paperback, 162 pages, published January 2018 




Vertical Inc


My Neighbor Seki

NOV172051 TURN 9781945054501

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