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Moped Army

Paul Sizer
Paul Sizer
 Moped Army is a futuristic tale based on the resurrection of the legend of the current day Moped Army, a real-life organization of moped riders. It's been the subject of a fair bit of internet buzz and is the first graphic novel from Paul Sizer (who also did the comic Little White Mouse) and his own publishing house, Café Digital Comics.

In the year 2277 gasoline is an illegal substance, aircars dominates the sky and Rust City has become the 'underground' infrastructure for the endless vertical construction of Bolt Harbour above. Simone has her life altered when she encounters the moped gangs who prowl these lower regions. If you like this you should check out the great Dave Gibbons' solo project with futuristic Mods on hover scooters, The Originals.

Café Digital Comics, paperback, 144 pages, published September 2005


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