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Moon Knight Volume 5 : Down South

Mike Benson
Jefte Palo

Marc Spector is dead - is Jake Lockley about to join him? When your multiple personalities are driving you so crazy you have to kill one of them, it's time for a vacation! Marc Spector was a soldier. A mercenary. A killer. And now, thanks to Moon Knight, he's a dead man. But the avatar of Khonshu lives on in the form of Jake Lockley - a more laid-back personality who just wants to take a nice, relaxing trip in Mexico.


But for him, this means bashing his way through bare-knuckle-fighting tournaments, hiring on for a "snatch and grab" on behalf of a rich and well-armed land baron, and going toe-to-toe with a guy named Frank Castle - who the criminal element knows better as the Punisher.


AAA never recommended a trip like this, but then again, Moon Knight is no ordinary tourist! Collecting Moon Knight issues #26 to 30, written by Mike Benson, pencilled by Jefte Palo, with cover artwork by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published October 2009


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