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Monsters, Inc Scary Stories Digest


The story of the movie in comics! When they’re not hiding under the bed or lurking in the closet, the monsters that scare human children live and work in the city of Monstropolis. When monsters Mike and Sulley accidentally let a human girl sneak into Monstropolis, they must return her home before anyone notices — or they might lose their jobs at Monsters, Inc.!

Plus: Two all-new Monsters, Inc. tales! First, it’s that time of year again: Humanween, Mike’s and Sulley’s annual costume party — where monsters dress up as humans! But Mike panics when he learns of an unplanned visit from…his mother! Then, when Mike forgets a special date he promised his girlfriend, can he get his relationship off the rocks with a little help from his pal Sulley?

Collecting Monsters, Inc. #1-2, Monsters, Inc.: The Humanween Party #1 and Monsters, Inc.: A Perfect Date #1, written by Charles Bazaldua & Alessandro Ferrari. With art by Claudio Sciarrone, Elisabetta Melaranci, Anna Merli, Davide Zannetti, Sonia Matrone, Mara Damiani, Elena M. Naggi, Federica Salfo, Michela Frare, Paco Desiato, Andrea Greppi & Paolo Campinoti, cover art by Sciarrone, Melaranci, Merli, Zannetti, Matrone, Damiani & Naggi.

Marvel, paperback, 88 pages, published May 2013


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