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Modesty Blaise - Bad Suki

Peter O'Donnell
Jim Holdaway

 Spy, smuggler and all-round bad girl Modesty Blaise aimed to retire rich and young -- only to find she longed for the excitement and danger of the criminal underworld. Now, with Willie Garvin and the resources of 'The Network' at her back, Modesty sells her considerable skills to the highest bidder.This series of library editions collects the cult Evening Standard strips in all their dark and alluring glory:

"I fell in love with Peter O'Donnell's astonishing heroine, Modesty Blaise, when I was twelve... As I grew up I also came to admire the craft with which she was brought to the world, the lunatic skills of her creator, and, last of all, I found the comic strips, where she started, and discovered just how much of what I loved about Modesty was there from the beginning..." -- Neil Gaiman.

Modesty Blaise - charming, sexy, sophisticated and totally and powerfully independent. Long before Buffy and Xena some of the sisters were doing it for themselves - Modesty comes from that same British school that brought us characters like Emma Peel in the Avengers; sheer, stylish class. This volume collects Bad Suki, The Galley Slaves and The Red Gryphon.

Titan, paperback, 96 pages, published March 2005


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