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Modern Icons #2 - Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Statue

Horizon Zero Dawn pretty much had us at "giant robot dinosaurs." But then it turned out to be so flipping beautiful. Prettiest post post apocalypse evar. And the developers knew it because they controlled for it, and then gave players a photo mode to capture and share it.

Trick is, other than having one of your shots saved as your desktop, it's hard to enjoy that beauty when you're, say, stuck at work or have your head down at your desk instead of being lost in the game on the couch. And that's why collectibles like this one exist. Enjoy the game even when you're not playing it with this statue of Aloy, about to shoot a giant robot dinosaur. likeyado.

Product Specifications
Modern Icons #2 - Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Statue
Part of the Modern Icons Statue Collection
Captures Aloy drawing back her bowstring
Designed using the same digital files used to create the game
Materials: Solid PVC with elastic bowstring
Dimensions: 10 1/2" tall (9 1/4" statue on a 1 1/4" base) x 3 3/4" diameter base , 6 1/2" wide at widest
Ages 14+



Video Games

10 1/2" Tall



Horizon Zero Dawn


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Saturday 30 June, 2018