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Mister Wonderful: a Love Story Hardcover

Daniel Clowes
Daniel Clowes

The fan-favourite and Eisner winning story, originally serialised in the New York Times Magazine, now collected and with forty pages of new material. Meet Marshall - sitting alone in the local coffee shop. He's been set up by his friend Tim on a blind date with someone named Natalie, and now he's just feeling set up. She's nine minutes late and counting. Who was he kidding anyway? Divorced, middle-aged, newly unemployed, with next to no prospects, Marshall isn't exactly what you'd call a catch. Twenty minutes pass. A half hour. Marshall orders a scotch. (he wasn't going to drink!). Forty minutes.


Then after nearly an hour, when he has long since given up hope, Natalie appears, breathless, apologising profusely that she went to the wrong place. She takes a seat, to Marshall's utter amazement. She's too good to be true - attractive, young, intelligent and she seems to be seriously engaged with what Marshall has to say. There has to be a catch and of course, there is.


During the extremely long night that follows, Marshall and Natalie are emotionally tested in ways that two people who only just met really should not be. Not, at least, if they want the prospect of a second date to be likely. A captivating bittersweet and hilarious look at the potential for human connection in an increasingly hopeless world, Mister Wonderful more than lives up to it's name. A new collection from the brilliant Daniel Clowes, widely regarded as one of the best cartoonists of his generation.


Jonathan Cape, hardback, 80 pages, published April 2011


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