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Mirabilis Year of Wonders Volume 1 : Winter Hardcover

Dave Morris
Leo Hartas

There's a green comet in the sky and things are getting strange. Every day, fantasy and reality are getting harder to tell apart. Witches in bottles, warmongering cabbages from the planet Pluto, and a pterandon roosting on the Eiffel Tower. Or is it a pterodactyl? Jack Ember is caught between two very unreliable mentors.


Talisin is a two-thousand year old wizard or an escaped madman - or possibly both. The Kind Gentleman is the sort of fairy godfather who'll grant you three wishes you can't refuse. Both of them have plans for Jack, who's spent his life dreaming of adventure and now is about to get rather more of it than he bargained for. Mirabilis is an epic full-color graphic novel drawn from the pages of Random House's weekly comic The DFC. A delightful fantasy adventure for all ages from 10 years and up.


"My continuing love for Mirabilis just grows and grows. I'm really looking forward to the collection that is definitely coming out at some point in the future." Richard Burton, Forbidden Planet International blog


"The characters and events are believable, easy to understand and the script has a nice flow that is easy to read and lures you into it. There’s a nice narrative/storytelling feel to the script, almost musical.
"The art by Hartas fits the story. The linework is smooth, not cluttered. The backgrounds are nicely detailed, not overpowering
." - Joe Milone, Kitty's Pryde


Print Media, hardback, 112 pages, published September 2011



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