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Minds Eye: Eye of the Beholder Collection

Peter Kuper
Peter Kuper

 "Political cartoonist Kuper's "Eye of the Beholder" comic strip was the first ever to appear in the New York Times. The Times eventually stopped running it, but it continues to appear syndicated in papers around the country. In this 6x6 format volume, the second collection of the comic to be published, the five-panel, black and white strips appear as cleverly conceived, intricately drawn visual and perceptual puzzles.

Often political in tone and subject, they always make a statement. The first four panels provide the clues from which you're challenged to figure out from whose perspective the scenes are viewed. The fifth panel, overleaf, reveals the answer. Images of women, with the focus on their clothed breasts, appear in one sequence. Who is so clearly (and inappropriately) obsessed with these women? Turn the page and discover that the voyeur is a baby, who tosses aside his bottle and reaches out for better fare.

 When these strips work, they're clever, honest and thoughtful. However, they can also be overly obvious and a too pious, prompting a cringe even from those who might agree with Kuper's message. Still, this is an ingenious little book, well worth adding to a comics collection. " Publisher's Weekly

NBM, paperback, 125 pages, published July 2000


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