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Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction Volume 3 Premiere Hardcover

Matt Fraction
Barry Kitson

His father in exile! His mother on the throne! Thor’s world is upside down - and what the heck is Donald Blake doing here, too?! As Thor readjusts to life on Earth, all Broxton - and all Asgardia - begins having the same nightmare. What really happens in your room at night after you fall asleep? How can Thor fight a foe that’s not there? As the Enchantress completes her latest masterpiece of madness and mayhem, her Keep is unleashed on a slumbering Asgardia - and Blake is transformed into the revenge-crazed Deconsecrator!

How far will he go to regain what he’s lost? And how can the Nine Realms escape a nightmare with no end? Collecting The Mighty Thor #12.1 and issues #13 to 17, written by Matt Fraction, pencilled by Barry Kitson and Pepe Larraz, with cover artwork by Walter Simonson.

Marvel, hardback, 144 pages, published September 2012


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