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Mighty Avengers Hardcover Mark Bagley Cover

Frank Cho

The super-hero Civil War is over, but Iron Man's work is just beginning. As the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and creator of the nationwide Initiative program, he's rebuilding the Avengers with a handpicked roster of Earth's mightiest heroes: Wasp, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Sentry, Ares and new team leader Ms. Marvel. A group this powerful should be ready for just about anything - except, perhaps, the return of genocidal killing machine Ultron. The Avengers' insane robotic foe has rebuilt himself yet again, this time in the form of a beautiful woman!?


Then, the team faces an even bigger threat when their outlaw ex-teammate Spider-Woman shows up with evidence that shape-shifting Skrulls have infiltrated Earth. Iron Man faces a harrowing dilemma: who can he trust when any one of his allies might be an undetectable alien invader? There's no time to figure it out, though, when a bio-weapon transforms New York's populace into Venom-like monsters.


Plus: the New Avengers, a time-travel quest and an earth-shaking confrontation with Doctor Doom! Collecting Mighty Avengers issues #1 to 11, written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled and with covers by Frank Cho and Mark Bagley.

Marvel, hardback, 304 pages, published February 2009


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