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Micah and Strange Candy

A fast-paced new novella in the New York Times bestselling Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, plus a mesmerising selection of exotic Laurell K. Hamilton short stories. In Micah, phone calls at half-past dawn are never a good omen for Anita Blake. This time she must fly within hours to Philadelphia, her task - to raise a witness from the dead for his testimony. Yet she could be her own worst enemy on this particular job. Accompanied only by her lover Micah, will he be enough to feed the ardour, the lust-hunger that afflicts her? And, for the first time, they will be truly alone together - with all her fears and emotional doubts.


In Strange Candy: both sweet and spicy, these fantastical fairy tales are treats that will leave you craving more … From a woman who marries into a family of volatile wizards to a couple fleeing a gang of love-hungry cupids, readers will revel in these unique, at times surreal, visions. This is Laurell K. Hamilton’s first short story collection - including an all-new Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter story. The Anita Blake series has been incredibly popular round the world and has also now spawned a comics adaptation – the first collection in graphic novel form, Guilty Pleasures, is now available.


Orbit, paperback, 400 pages, published October 2007


Author: Laurell K Hamilton




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