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Merchant of Venice Hardcover

Gareth Hinds
Gareth Hinds

With elegant, contemporary artwork and a faithful, but succinct adaptation, Gareth Hinds (Beowulf) casts Shakspeare's classic drama in a provocative new light. Young Bassanio, wishing to win the love of the fair Portia, entangles his dearest friend, Antonio, in a dangerous bargain with the moneylender Shylock. Only Bassanio’s heartfelt efforts — and a clever intervention by Portia — will save Antonio from literally paying Shylock "a pound of flesh."


Suitable for both students and scholars, Hinds' adaptation maintains the language of Shakespeare's play and offers context for the play's controversial aspects with an afterword that both illuminates the process of adaptation and further reading to place Shakespeare in context. Moody and mesmerizing, this graphic novel adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays boasts a chic modern cast, high drama, and all the dark, familiar beauty of Venice.


The, hardback, 80 pages, published October 2008


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