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The Marvels Project : Birth of the Super Heroes

Ed Brubaker
Steve Epting

Captain America. Bucky Barnes. The Angel. Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Nick Fury. The Human Torch. Toro. The Phantom Bullet. Witness the birth of the Marvel Universe through the eyes of one of its own Golden Age heroes! As the dashing Angel fights crime in the streets of pre-wartime America of the 1930s and ’40s, he witnesses the rise of an entire generation of titans — of fiery men, undersea kings and inspiring soldiers. Will these Marvels be enough to fight back the onslaught of World War II — including the Nazi’s own super-soldier, the Red Skull?

The beginning of the Marvel Age of Heroes is documented in this fast-moving and shocking tale from the mind of writer Ed Brubaker (Secret Avengers, Captain America) and the pen of artist Steve Epting (Captain America, Fantastic Four). Collecting The Marvels Project issues #1 to 8, written by Ed Brubaker, pencilled by Steve Epting, with a cover by Steve McNiven

Marvel, paperback, 224 pages, published May 2011


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