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Marvel Masterworks : The Silver Surfer Volume 2 Variant

Stan Lee
John Buscema

The world’s favourite space-faring super hero in his continuing saga of anguish and adventure! He sacrificed himself to save his home world of Zenn-La from the planet-devouring menace, Galactus, saving those he loved in exchange for a life of servitude as the Silver Surfer. Now, after disobeying his master, Norrin Radd is stranded on the planet Earth—forever removed from his love, Shalla-Bal, and from the beckoning spaceways!

A high point of epic adventure and lyrical drama, The Silver Surfer took the comic-book super hero to all-new heights. Using their ravaged protagonist as a lens through which they could comment on the social injustices of the era, Stan Lee and John Buscema turned the Surfer into the ultimate outsider archetype, reflecting the reader’s world in his metallic skin.

In these pages the Surfer will face ghosts from beyond the grave seeking redemption, the horrors of war, the devious Mephisto, and mighty Marvel heroes from Spider-Man to the Human Torch and the Inhumans. So what more do you need to know, reserve that copy today, True Believer!

Collecting Silver Surfer issues #7 to 18, written by Stan Lee, pencilled by John Buscema with Jack Kirby, features cover art by John Buscema & Dean White.

Marvel, paperback, 288 pages, published August 2010


    please note variant editions are published in smaller quantities than regular Masterworks and so can go out of print more quickly; please order early to avoid possible disappointment


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