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Marvel Masterworks : Golden Age Mystic Comics Volume 1


Hot on the heels of the smash comic book hit of 1939, Marvel Comics, publisher Martin Goodman called up two companion titles to join his emerging comics line, post-haste. And now, for the first time in 70 years, the Marvel Masterworks bring the last of that trio of titles—Mystic Comics!

Chock full of pulp-style men of action, hard-boiled gumshoes, mythical strongmen, undead avengers, and - of course - super heroes, Mystic Comics is a roller-coaster thrill ride back to the earliest days of comic books, when freewheeling writers and artists threw out wild ideas to a public with an insatiable appetite for comics.

In this fully restored collection you’ll encounter comics first super-stretching hero - Flexo the Rubber Robot; the hero from beyond the grave - the Blue Blaze; the Dynamic Man, Master Mind Excello, the invisible Dr. Gade, Dakor the Magician, Zara of the Jungle, the Space Rangers, Hercules, the devil-possessed Black Widow, and more!

Featuring an in-depth introduction by noted comics and pulp historian Will Murray, this volume is a priceless adventure into the Golden Age of comics! Collecting Mystic Comics issues #1 to 4, featuring cover artwork by Alex Schomburg.

Marvel, hardback, 280 pages, published February 2011


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