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Marvel Masterworks : Golden Age Marvel Comics Volume 3 Variant


The wait is over, and the stage is set. It's fire vs. water in the most famous battle of comics' Golden Age! Breaking new ground like none other, Marvel Mystery Comics, the flagship title of Marvel's earliest days, started a craze that defines super-hero comic books to this day. With hero pitted against hero in a fight to the finish, you'd better place those bets and settle into your seats. 'Cause it's the final round of the Human Torch vs. the Sub-Mariner!

Headlined by the lavish, manic and truly amazing Sub-Mariner by Bill Everett and the high-flying Human Torch by Carl Burgos, Marvel Mystery Comics is a bona-fide treasure trove of Golden Age action and adventure. The awesome and idiosyncratic Steve Dahlman brings you Electro, the Marvel of the Age, the monster-stomping robot featured today in The Twelve, while Paul Gustavson's Angel woos damsels in distress and battles the undead evils of the subterranean realm, and the jungle adventurer, Ka-Zar the Great, protects the Belgian Congo from the threats of the outside world.

Also featuring the wild Western tales of the Masked Raider, boy-adventurer Terry Vance and a host of four-color companions - each painstakingly restored to provide you with the best experience of these truly classic tales.

Collecting Marvel Mystery Comics issues #9 through to 12, written by John Compton, Stockbridge Winslow, Ray Gill and others, with pencils by Carl Burgos, Bill Everett, Paul Gustavson, Steve Dahlman, Ben Thompson, Alanders, Irwin Hasen and Bob Oskner; features cover artwork by Alex Schomburg.

Marvel, hardback, 272 pages, published August 2008

  Please note that Variant editions are produced in smaller quantities than regular Masterworks and so can go out of print more quickly; please order early to avoid


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