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Marvel Masterworks : Golden Age Marvel Comics Volume 1 Variant


In September 1939, a new title hit newsstands and changed the comic-book world forever: Marvel Comics #1 had arrived! And this 64-page package wasn’t your typical assortment of super-powered, straight-laced do-gooders. This was something completely new. The Human Torch, the creation of Dr. Phineas Horton, was neither man nor hero. He was a fiery force of nature who shocked and unsettled mankind. The half-human/half-Atlantean Sub-Mariner ventured from his undersea kingdom not with a mind set on peace, but bent toward vengeance!

They’re flanked by an eclectic set born out of the energy and imagination of the Golden Age — including the heroic Angel, robot invention Electro, hard-edged detective the Ferret, cowboy Masked Raider and jungle adventurer Ka-Zar. Painstakingly restored with a host of bonus material, this volume is a must for every comic reader’s library.

Collecting Marvel Comics #1 and Marvel Mystery Comics issues  #2 to 4, written by Ray Gill, Bob Davis & various,  pencilled by Carl Burgos, Bill Everett, Paul Gustavson, Ben Thompson, Al Anders, Steve Dahlman, Irwin Hasen, Paul J. Lauretta, Art Pinajian & various, with cover artwork by Frank R. Paul & Dean White.

Marvel, paperback, 288 pages, published December 2011


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