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Marvel Masterworks : Golden Age Human Torch Volume 3 Variant


From the heart of the Golden Age of Comics, the white-hot hero of the decade, the Human Torch, comes burning at you with another exciting quartet of never before reprinted comic adventures! Between keeping America safe on the homefront and fighting the Axis powers abroad, the Torch and his kid sidekick Toro have their work cut out for them. They’ll face Nazi rockets, Gestapo madmen, fifth columnists and more as they fight the good fight for the U.S.A.

The action really gets going in the massive, 45-page “Death Dance of the Atlantic” when the Torch and Toro find the Sub-Mariner manning a Nazi U-boat. It’s an action-packed dash to capture comics’ most tempestuous sometimes-hero and decode the Axis’ secret signal system, told in the manner that made Marvel great. Backed up by solo Sub-Mariner tales, along with the boy adventurer Jimmy Jupiter and humour shorts by the likes of Basil Wolverton, every issue is a cornucopia from Marvel’s early years.

Dig into the Golden Age and dig into history! Collecting Human Torch issues #9 to 12, written by various, pencilled by Harry Sahle, Al Gabriele, Carl Pfeufer, Ed Robbins, Basil Wolverton, Ray Houlihan, Larry Antonette and Art Gates, with cover art by Alex Schomburg.

Marvel, hardback, 264 pages, published July 2010


  please note variant editions are printed in smaller numbers than regular Masterworks and so can go out of print more quickly; please order early to avoid possible disappointment



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