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Marvel Masterworks : The Fantastic Four Volume 9

Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Field Trip. That's "Field Trip" as defined in the Lee/Kirby Dictionary, which means you'd better pack that bag lunch in unstable molecules and strap yourself in for a trip around the universe beyond your wildest imagination! First stop: a little visit to the neighbour's place, and hanging with the incomparable Inhumans and titanic team-up against Maximus the Mad!

Second stop: Europe. Paris is beautiful in the springtime, but that's nothing. According to the brochure, Latveria's lovely year round. You might want to take that visitor's guide with a grain of salt, though. The savvy traveller never trusts a Chamber of Commerce run by Doombots.

Third stop: Down under. Way down under for a big-time battle with the Mole Man! Last stop: Now here's a trip that's far out. The ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing gets whisked away on a galactic tour as a gladiator in the scurrilous Skrulls' slave arena! If that's not enough outer-space exotica for ya, then welcome yourself to a world wrapped in the Roarin' Twenties!

With tour guides like Stan and Jack, you'd best make those travel plans today, True Believer. Tickets for this trip are guaranteed to sell out! Collecting Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #82 - #93.

Marvel, hardback, 272 pages, published November 2005


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