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Marvel Masterworks : Daredevil Volume 3

Stan Lee
Gene Colan

The Man Without Fear's next hot Masterworks installment is barreling your way with action-packed art by no less than "gentleman" Gene Colan and the sensational stories of super-scribe Stan Lee. Let me tell ya, true believer, these cats pull no punches! hold on to your hats as Ol' Hornhead goes toe-to-toe with the Tri-Man and Gladiator, laughs it up at Leap Frog, sticks it to Stilt Man and then marches through a marathon of the Masked Marauder, Mr. Hyde and Cobra!

And just when your thought we'd cut him a break, all the baddies go union as Electro's Emissaries Of Evil! If even that's not enough for your frantic fingers, don't forget guest appearances from Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor and Ka-Zar! And before we leave let's not forget Matt Murdock's swingin' twin brother Mike Murdock. Twin brother?! Collecting Daredevil (1964) #22-32 & Annual #1, written by Stan Lee pencilled by Gene Colan, with cover artwork by Gene Colan & Richard Isanove.

Marvel, paperback, 304 pages, published April 2012



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