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Marvel Masterworks : Atlas Era Strange Tales Volume 5 Variant


From the dark heart of the Atlas Era comes another dose of bizarre and exciting Strange Tales! Crafted by a host of the most talented illustrators to ever grace the comic-book page — from early work by Steve Ditko to accomplished efforts by Bill Everett — each story is a page-turning pleasure from the days when comics were as frightful as they were delightful!

A heaping helping of bug-eyed aliens, unexplored caves, time machines, mermaids and atomic bombs will prove to you there’s a taste of something for everyone with a penchant for the fearsome and the fantastic. And with an in-depth introduction by noted Atlas scholar Dr. Michael J. Vassallo, there’s no other place where comics’ most contentious era is presented and studied in such detail as here.

So reserve your copy today, and march on with the Marvel Masterworks! Collecting Strange Tales (1951) issues #40 to 48, written and pencilled by various, with cover artwork by Joe Maneely.

Marvel, hardback, 248 pages, published October 2011


  please note variant editions are produced in smaller quantities than regular Masterworks and so can go out of print more quickly, please order early to avoid possible disappointment


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