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Marvel Masterworks : Atlas Era Jungle Adventure Volume 3

Don Rico
John Romita Sr

Go wild with another set of jungle adventures from the Marvel Masterworks! This thundering third volume brings you the continuing adventures of the lovely Lorna the Jungle Girl; the end of Jann of the Jungle’s Jungle Tales series; and every last page of Leopard Girl, Lo-Zar, Jungle Boy and Man-oo the Mighty’s Jungle Action stories. Featuring artwork by the greatest good-girl artists in Stan Lee’s Atlas stable — Jay Scott Pike, John Romita, Don Heck, Joe Maneely, Vince Colletta and more — you’ll love every lithe page of vine-swinging, Commie-bashing, treasure-hunting jungle action. Oh, and lest we forget, there’s monkeys, too!

Collecting Lorna The Jungle Girl issues #13 to 16, Jungle Tales #5 to 7 and Jungle Action #4 through to 6, written by Don Rico and various, pencilled by Jay Scott Pike, Syd Shores, John Romita, Joe Maneely, Don Heck, Dick Ayers, Vince Colletta, Fred Kida, Bob Brown and Tom Scheuer, with cover artwork by Vince Colletta and Joe Maneely.

Marvel, hardback, 280 pages, published February 2013



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