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Marvel Masterworks : Ant-Man/Giant-Man Volume 2

Hank Pym and his ladylove, Janet Van Dyne, make their highly requested return to the Marvel Masterworks in the concluding volume of Ant-Man/Giant-Man's Silver Age adventures! Penned by no less than "The Man" himself, Stan Lee, and illustrated by an unmatched cadre of Bullpen embellishers from "Dazzling" Dick Ayers and "Sturdy" Steve Ditko to Golden Age greats Carl Burgos and Bob Powell, you'll need high pockets to hold onto the action and adventure that's in store for you.

Giant-Man and the winsome Wasp have the decks stacked against them as they go up against an array of antagonists from the wild and weird Human Top, Porcupine, Colossus and the Wrecker to the Incredible Hulk, Attuma and Spider-Man! Also presenting the debut of the world's tallest Avenger's new look and the Wasp's own solo feature! You don't need to be one of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe to know it's time to reserve your copy today!

Collecting Tales to Astonish issues #53 - 69; written by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Leon Lazarus and Al Hartley, with pencils by Dick Ayers, Don Heck, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber, Carl Burgos and Bob Powell; features a cover by Jack Kirby.

Marvel, hardback, 304 pages, published February 2008


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