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Marvel Masterworks : Amazing Spider-Man Volume 20 Variant

Dennis O'Neil
John Romita Jr

Peter Parker has always had the worst luck, but Spider-Man is a hit with the ladies in his latest round of adventures! The Black Cat is back, and her love/hate relationship with Spidey is heating up! Dazzler disco-dances with our hero in an early appearance not to be missed!

But she’s not the only mutant caught in Spidey’s web as Mesmero returns — courtesy of writer Dennis O’Neil! And Spidey history is made with the debut of an all-time-great Spider-Man artist: John Romita Jr.! JRJR carries on the family tradition, creating some of the most iconic Spider-Man adventures of all time — beginning right here! Also featuring a Stern ’n’ Byrne one-shot, the first appearances of Madame Web and Hydro-Man, and Frank Miller’s classic Spider-Man/Doctor Strange team-up!

Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) issues #203 through to 212 and Annual #14, written by Dennis O’Neil with Marv Wolfman, David Michelinie, Roger Stern, Jim Shooter and Mark Gruenwald, pencilled by John Romita Jr. and Frank Miller with Keith Pollard, John Byrne, Jim Mooney & Alan Weiss, and cover artwork by Frank Miller.

Marvel, hardback, 264 pages, published December 2018






Marvel Masterworks


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