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Marvel Firsts : The 1980s Volume 1


Roll up your jacket sleeves, and dust off your Rubik’s Cube as Marvel heads back to the eighties! From Alpha Flight to Zabu, heroes old and new grab the spotlight in their own titles in this first classic collection of the decade’s most dazzling debuts! All your favorites are here — including Dominic Fortune, Captain Universe and the New Mutants — plus Marvel’s first “event” miniseries!

Collecting material from Hulk (1978) #21, Marvel Spotlight (1979) #9, Dazzler #1, material from Ka-Zar The Savage #11, Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions #1, Hercules (1982) #1, Wolverine (1982) #1, Vision And The Scarlet Witch (1982) #1, Marvel Graphic Novel #4, Saga Of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #1, Alpha Flight (1983) #1, Hawkeye (1983) #1, Cloak And Dagger (1983) #1, Falcon #1, Magik (1983) #1, Jack Of Hearts #1 and Power Pack (1984) #1.

Written by Howard Chaykin, Denny O’Neil, Bill Mantlo, Tom DeFalco, Bruce Jones, Steven Grant, Mark Gruenwald, Bob Layton, Chris Claremont, Jo Duffy, John Byrne, Jim Owsley & Louise Simonson, pencilled by Howard Chaykin, Steve Ditko, John Romita Jr., Gil Kane, Bob Layton, Frank Miller, Rick Leonardi, Bob Mcleod, Bret Blevins, John Byrne, Mark Gruenwald, Paul Smith, John Buscema, George Freeman & June Brigman, with cover art by various.

Marvel, paperback, 472 pages, published November 2013


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