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Marvel Apes : the Evolution Starts Here

Karl Kesel

Includes material never before seen in print! Travel back to the Monkey-verse with four tales of bad puns and big guns. First, join the irrepressible Spider-Monkey as he comes to grips with a world too savage for his heroic legacy to allow. But as the Monkey-verse Peter Parker tries to create a better world for all ape-kind, Captain America (the top ape of the ape-verse) ­stands in his way. Will the webbed wonder survive?


Then, when teenager Roy Reyna finds he can transform into the super-powered simian Ape X, it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys - until H.A.M.M.E.R. agents capture him! Plus: in the face of a fate worse than death, the Ape Universe's greatest minds and leaders must come together to save their world in a secret council known as - the Prime Eight! Watch the undercover action unfold in this never before seen story called Ape-Okoplis Now!


Bouncing out of the pages of the Marvel Apes mini-series - it's the masked (monkey) marvel Speedball! Branded a traitor to the entire Ape Universe, the simian superhero is now exiled, alienated, and alone on a bizarre Planet of Humans! Can this monkey make it in Man's World? It won't be easy.


Collecting Marvel Apes Specials: Amazing Spider-Monkey, Grunt Line, Prime Eight and Speedball, written by Karl Kesel and Tom Peyer, pencilled by Reilly Brown, Chad Hardin, Todd Nauck and Ramon Bachs, with cover artwork by John Watson.

Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published September 2009


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