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Marvel Adventures Thor : Bringers of the Storm Digest

Louise Simonson
Rodney Buchemi

It’s all-ages action in the Mighty Marvel Manner as the God of Thunder drops the hammer in four titanic tales! See how Thor came to our world, and what awesome adversities shaped him into a champion of man! Thunder gods! Lying gods! Father gods! Giant nasty monster dudes bigger than skyscrapers! Get ready for another epic tale featuring the God of Thunder!

With great power comes...a whole lotta trouble? That’s what the Wrecker finds out when he’s zapped by a jolt of magical muscle meant for Loki, the god of mischief. Suddenly, the Joe Lunchpail of crime is taking on Earth Mightiest Heroes, and all of them are running afoul of one very angry Norse god! Sound your horn, Heimdall!

Villains march across Bifrost Bridge, to challenge the forces of Odin! But wait...who are these mortals that count themselves as friends of Thor? Avengers? Then bid them to unleash their vengeance lest we face Ragnarok! Collecting Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #7 and #11, and Marvel Adventures The Avengers #5 and #15, written by Louise Simonson, Tony Bedard & Jeff Parker, pencilled by Rodney Buchemi, Jon Buran, Shannon Gallant & Leonard Kirk, with a cover by Salva Espin.

Marvel, paperback, 96 pages, published March 2011


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