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Marvel 1602 10th Anniversary Edition Hardcover

Neil Gaiman
Andy Kubert

Award-winning writer Neil Gaiman presents a unique vision of the Marvel Universe — set four hundred years in the past! Classic Marvel icons such as the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and Daredevil are re-imagined in this intriguing world of 17th-century science and sorcery — instantly familiar to readers, yet subtly different in this new time.


1602 combines classic Marvel action and adventure with the historically accurate setting of Queen Elizabeth’s reign to create a unique series unlike any other published by Marvel Comics. Neil Gaiman’s daringly different tale has stood the test of time and spawned an entire universe of sequels — now, celebrate the 10th anniversary of the story that started it all with this lush oversized hardcover! Collecting Marvel 1602 #1 to 8, written by Neil Gaiman, pencilled by Andy Kubert and with new cover artwork by Scott McKowen.

Marvel, hardback, 264 pages, published August 2013




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